I must admit, for years, I did not have the opportunity to visit this beautiful city. In fact, the last time I came was just before a sad decade for the city that left very deep scars with the drugs cartels. However, there is something that has always amazed me about the city of eternal spring, as it is known for its privileged climate: the strength, courage, and faith of its people. People who knew how to transform their environment to make this capital the most innovative city in the world, an award received six years ago. The Urban Land Institute once said, “Medellin had seen one of the most remarkable urban turnarounds in modern history”

However, it is not only the constructions, the marvelous transportation systems; it is the rehabilitation of public spaces such as Plaza Botero that gives pride to their people.

Today, I walked through this emblematic place and vibrated with the colossal statues that the Fernando Botero, an internationally renowned artist donated for his land.

The place invites visitors to contemplate the sculptures in a park. This emblematic Landmark neighbor’s other important historical sites such as the Coltejer building, the Antioquia museum and one of the oldest churches: la Veracruz.

walking around the plaza, and sharing with both national and international tourist filled me with joy and i understood that when they say abroad that Medellín is a destiny that is worthy to discover, they are certainly not exaggerating. thanks to Magnificent Colombia for making my trip an unforgettable experience.


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Admin Magnificent Colombia

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