We were spending a day off in a playful activity with the staff of a local company in the Tutucán park in the city of Rionegro about 50 kilometers from beautiful Medellin. This park is located at an altitude of 2080 meters above the sea level. As good “birders”, we had our sighting equipment in case we had the opportunity to use it. From the arrival to the site, we began to get excited little by little for in the distance we saw many birds flying over the blue sky of Rionegro.

The place is a replica of a typical Paisa town and is surrounded by a large number of trees, gardens and several lakes that attract many birds from eastern Antioquia. In addition to the most common birds of the region: bintaves (Pitangus sulphuratus), coastal canaries (Sicalis flaveola), tiles (Thraupis episcopus) and common pigeons (Columba livia) we had the opportunity to see other species. A small and “doormat” flycatcher (Sayornis nigricans) perched several minutes in front of our lens. Just in front of where our little black friend posed, we saw two hummingbirds that fed on the delicious nectar: ​​an amazilia colirrufa (Amazilia Tzacatl) and an amazilia coliazul (Amazilia saucerottei). For a moment, in the same tree a mountainous tile (Thraupis cyanocephala) settled, but it got scared and took flight immediately without giving us the opportunity to photograph it clearly. In the distance, we could see a corrallet pigeon (Patagioenas fasciata) that landed on the foliage of the trees with its characteristic white band on the nape of its neck.

The park has several lakes where they calmly swim a great variety of ducks and geese. As we watched this swim placidly in their pond, we did not know that the best was yet to come. In the sky, we saw a bird of prey flying in circles circling stealthily. The brightness of the sun and the height at which it was flying did not allow us to identify it clearly. Suddenly, this bird of prey began to descend at great speed towards the body of water. Like a professional hunter, he caught a big fish in a single attempt. Right then, we identified the bird: it was an osprey (Pandion haliaetus) which had just hunted a succulent lunch.

We kept walking in the park. Suddenly we began to see movements in one of the fruit trees of the place. They were several birds, all of different species and we did not know in which to concentrate. There, we managed to identify two migrant species that visit our country for this time of the year. Among the branches enthusiastically bobbed a small yellow-backed greenfinch (Vireo flavifrons), on the other side of the same tree, we saw with great joy another guest this season: a male orange-throated warbler (Setophaga fusca) that leapt among the foliage of the tree. At the same time, as a “wandering” shadow we managed to spot a mountain saw (Turdus serranus) which quickly moved away from our eyes. On the way to our car and with the sun descending on the horizon we would still have the opportunity to see other very common species for this area. In the pastures of the place, we can see some gleaming oxen cattle herons (bubulcus ibis) and an elegant caravan (Vanellus chilensis). That was the end of our playful day that without thinking it became a wonderful “straw”.

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Admin Magnificent Colombia

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Latonya · 7th April 2019 at 1:42 pm

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    Dirección Magnificent Colombia

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    Thanks for your compliment. Yes indeed. It takes some decent amount of work. I can refer you to the designer who put everything together. For my company, for he is a reliable guy who knows his job.

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