My vacations took me to explore another facet of Colombian wealth: its deserts. Although in Colombia there are three deserts: Desierto de la Guajira, land of our Wayuu tribe; Desert of the Candelaria and Desert of the Tatacoa, this last one was the destiny that I drew. First, I went to Neiva, the capital of Huila and in a little over half an hour, I arrived in Villavieja, a town where I found a surreal landscape: reddish earth and cactus that rise lazily in the infernal heat.

However, I felt as if I had already experienced this experience. Years ago, I had the opportunity to travel through Arizona in the United States. There I also came across the reddish desert and the large Saguaro cactus. The desert of the Tatacoa is after the Desert of the Guajira, the second largest arid zone of Colombia and is full of surprises for visitors.

Mine was a wonderful encounter to find the majestic and silent desert and myself. As on the clear nights of the Arizona desert, I could see a clean sky and a celestial vault full of stars. We hope you can include this destination when you come to Colombia. If you need more information, do not hesitate to contact us.

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Admin Magnificent Colombia

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