Colombia with its enviable geographical situation presents to its own and tourists an extraordinary range of possibilities. The sea, the sea that we all long for; in Colombia the Pacific and the Atlantic. What to see?

Infinity of landscapes that go from the humble villages of cheerful and optimistic people, to the big tourist centers with five star hotels. This time I will talk about my trip to Arboletes, Antioquia. This cozy place is a paradise that is located in the north end of Antioquian Urabá. It has quiet beaches that offer the visitor a space of isolation and unparalleled calmness.

Arboletes also has a mud volcano to which all come for its medicinal properties. There I settled in the Cocuyo cabin where they gave me a special treatment and where I enjoyed the fantastic and very fresh seafood. If you want to know more about this welcoming destination, please contact us.

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Admin Magnificent Colombia

Admin Magnificent Colombia

To discover the diversity of natural wonders that Colombia has for you. To motivate local and foreign visitors to support our project of sustainable and responsible tourism


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