Our Vision

To raise awareness of the need to take care and to respect the legacy of life of our Mother Earth.

To discover the diversity of natural wonders that Colombia has for you.

To motivate local and foreign visitors to support our project of sustainable and responsible tourism

Connect yourself with our Colombian Magnificent biodiversity

Our treasures


Water, magnificent gift of our Mother Earth. Come to Colombia and enjoy our water resources that are born in our eternal mountains. Visit our destinations and support our project of sustainable tourism and respect for the environment


A paradise in the tropics, forests, valleys, deserts, mountains and ecological trails and many other surprises that will challenge your senses. Magnificent Colombia a dream to come true


• First place in the number of birds with 1,876 registered species. This number represents 60% of species in South America and 1% of species worldwide. • First in number of amphibian species, with more than 700 species. Of these, 350 species are endemic • The fifth in amount of primates with 30 cataloged species. • 3,000 species of butterflies and 1,200 marine species, and approximately 1,600 fresh water species. All these figures give us reason to say that in natural wealth, the answer is Colombia.

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Colombia earthly paradise: two oceans, great geographical and climatic diversity, five major natural regions: Caribbean, Pacific, Andean, Orinoquian and Amazonian, magnificent landscapes, colonial cities, colorful villages with gastronomic surprises, hospitable people, coffee farms, museums and sites with a varied cultural and artistic offer, and much more. Come and help preserve our wealth that is yours too

Join the trend and become a new type of traveler

Feel and live nature and diversity

Visit with us for a life time experience

We do everything

Do you want to travel and want it to be unforgettable? We plan your trip


We have everything to make your trip an unforgettable experience

Nature everywhere

Friendly people, incredible landscapes, unique biodiversity and everything that Colombia has for you. Contact us and prepare your self for a lifetime experience

Our additional services

Global Conferences

We coordinate the logistics for world class events: tourism, environment and conservation, natural resources, global warming, new trends and projects for sustainability


Corporate events

We promote Colombia as an ideal destination for activities related with leisure time for executives of companies who want to enjoy our model of ecodiversity.


Health Tourism

We offer our interested visitors the access to top notch medical procedures: cosmetic surgeries, dental services with highly trained specialists and at a very reasonable price


Academic Tourism

We facilitate the organization and logistics for groups of students from all over the world who want to come to Colombia to study the most standard variety of Spanish in the world. We welcome learners of Spanish, biologists, grassroot organizations that want to get in touch with us.


Magnificent ecosolutions

The planet needs all of us urgently. We seek creative ecological responses. The answer lies in our offer of ecological products . We also commercialize Colombian coffee that comes from sectors that were previously territories of war. Communities that are healing their wounds through coffee growing, harvesting and toasting the mildest coffee in the world


Social Investment

We are committed to the development of social communities in the places that you visit. Part of the revenues will be invested in top local programs that aim at the conservation of our resources


Our Mission

Short Term

To be an active part in the development of a new class of tourism

Long Term

To be recognized as one of the leading organizations for the promotion, defense and respect of the biodiversity of Colombia

To foster a new positive trend among other related parties who see tourism in Colombia as an important avenue of growth

We are a registered family
(RNT 2019/2020)


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